Home consultations for flats / tenements / semi-detached & detached houses / cottages / bungalow / terraced dwellings

A Chue Style Feng Shui consultation rebalances your home. Whether you need to improve your health, work on relationships or simply get out of a rut, a consultation of your home would be beneficial. A home consultation focuses on where the energy is really coming from, how much energy is getting into a property and what quality it has. The aim is to interpret the location, find any problems and fix them to improve the client’s health, wealth or family relationships.
Prior to a consultation on any of the above types of properties, Master Pamela would need the dates of birth of the client/s and an up-to-date floorplan of the property. An initial site visit is always necessary to assess the property, which normally takes a couple of hours. A follow up visit to guide you through the recommendations is included in the home consultation fee. You will also receive a type written report of the recommendations to include floorplans.


Business consultations for offices / retail

Master Pamela Forsyth (CH.DS.YHH) can consult on many different types of businesses from retail outlets to offices spaces, both large and small. Her recommendations for your commercial ventures aim to increase productivity, aid expansion, maximise success and promote prosperity.
Prior to any type of business consultation, Master Pamela would need to know the type of business that you have, what your problem is, the dates of birth of the client/s and she’ll need an up-to-date floorplan of the business premises. A site visit of at least two hours is always necessary to assess the property. A follow up visit to guide you through the recommendations is included in the business consultation fee. Recommendations may also require the use of specific date selections, spiritual charms, Chinese horoscope information and/or I Ching prediction techniques to support the building or the business owner. See below for more information. You will also receive a type written report of the recommendations to include floorplans.

Chinese Horoscopes for full chart analysis

Chinese Horoscopes (Ba Zi) is an ancient and accurate system of Chinese Astrology, which literally, means "Eight Characters" in Chinese. It is also called "Four Pillars of Destiny". The four components within the moment of the year, month, day, and hour of a person’s birth detail their life and fate. The Ba Zi analyst can make appropriate recommendations to help people to choose supportive careers or start a business, suggest successful periods to invest, marry and have a family. Master Pamela is a Chinese Horoscope Master. All she needs is your date and location of birth. You will also receive your Chinese Horoscope chart and a type written report of the details of your horoscope.

Date Selections for selling a property, get married, sign contracts, start a new business

Chue Style Date Selection matches the appropriate time and location with the person to achieve a specific goal. The selected date taps into the best quality energy available at a given time, for a specific purpose relating to a particular individual. The use of Chue Style Date Selection can pinpoint the good date for anything. The most popular dates are selected for you to launch a new business or product / service, sell a property, move into a new home / business premises, go for a job interview, start building works, send off an important document, sign contracts, get married or any important event.
As a Chue Style Date Selection Master, all Master Pamela needs to know is the time and date of birth of the person, the activity they need a date for and a broad timeframe.

Predictions with I Ching coins / I Ching dice

I Ching Coins

The I Ching is a collection of practical wisdom, pertaining to every conceivable situation. It originates in ancient China and is the oldest Chinese classical text. "I Ching" means "Book of Changes." Nowadays, the most common method for casting the I Ching involves throwing three coins six times to create the six-line pattern. Pamela, as a Chue Style I Ching consultant can then interpret this pattern to reveal the story and likely pattern of events in response to any question. This ancient method of divination can predict the future for everything from a career change to the weather on a particular day. Any question or dilemmas that you have can be asked and the answers and results are extremely accurate. You can ask any question from health, wealth, relationships to your yearly fate.

I Ching Dice

Grand Master Chan Kun Wah specifically created this simple yet powerful method of prediction after years of research and practice. Instead of throwing three coins, this method involves asking a question and throwing three dice. These dice then create a hexagram and resulting trigrams that can be interpreted by Pamela, your Chue Style I Ching Dice consultant. It is a quick method of finding answers to a range of questions from your health, the weather, house Feng Shui, marriage, relationships, child birth and gender, examinations and promotions, finances, travelling, lost items, lawsuits and coming year fate.

Spiritual Charms
for your house / your life / your horoscope

Spiritual charms can be used during a consultation to clear spiritual energy or protect the house / business and/or its occupants. There are also special charms that can be made to sell a property quickly, protect a pregnancy or support your health or unsupportive fate. There are 8 bagua charms that can strengthen missing areas in a property or balance a Chinese horoscope too. These charms can either be worn on the body, carried in your purse, displayed in a specific area as a picture or placed over a door or window. There are also two types of spiritual ceremonies that can be performed. One is the ‘Clearing and Blessing’ ceremony to rid a property of inappropriate energies and the other is a ceremony to ‘Opening the Buddha’s eyes’, which helps to support a property for good health. These charms and ceremonies form part of a consultation where required.